Gunnison County is Cracking Down on Housing Rules at Irwin ~
Irwin has some of the best land prices in the north end of the valley making it attractive to those looking for an inexpensive place to build. However, Gunnison County is cracking down on housing rules at Irwin. No longer can one buy a lot and do basically whatever they want with it. Gunnison County is now enforcing land use regulations that were previously overlooked, including strict waste disposal requirements.
Over the past couple of years, several property owners who have recently purchased Irwin property in hopes of avoiding the high costs elsewhere in the valley, have faced unforeseen challenges. On owner who purchased a small lot adjacent to the Irwin-townsite found out the hard way after building a tiny home on wheels that Gunnison County is cracking down on housing rules at Irwin. What seemed like the perfect family get-away has turned into a battle over housing rules and building permits. Though his tiny home is portable, the county is still holding him to building standards which include electric and plumbing inspections even though his tiny home has neither plumbing nor electric.
“Irwin is no longer the poor man’s last frontier,” says Kristi Murrin, a year round resident of Irwin. Murrin has worked closely with the county over the course of several years to build her place which sits on an acre lot. “I got lucky that I was able to buy a structure that had some grandfathering but I still spent a lot of money getting the house up to county standards.” Her property originally had a composting toilet when she bought it, but no gray-water system which is required by the county.
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