Large Trampe Ranchland Preservation Deal Complete
The April 10th closing of the last parcel of the Trampe Ranch property here in Gunnison County goes down in the books as one of the most significant land preservation actions in Colorado history. Thousands of acres stretching from Gunnison to Gothic, considered to be prime ranch land, are now free from future development and in a conservation easement focused on agriculture.
The final phase of this three part land deal, facilitated by the Trust for Public Land, put another 2,647 acres of land located in the Upper East River Valley into a conservation easement held by the Nature Conservancy. The first phase in this preservation effort was the Trampe Home Ranch, a 1,447 acre parcel located near Gunnison, and was completed back in February 2017 resulting in the protection of many acres of Gunnison sage grouse habitat. We saw the second phase completed in October of 2017 with 284 acres preserved in the corridor between Gunnison and the Jack’s Cabin area of Crested Butte.
“This land has been the heart of our ranch for more than 100 years,” said Bill Trampe at the time. “The meadows and pastures are the resource base for ranch production, and also provide habitat for Gunnison sage grouse and other wildlife species. Conservation of our home place means this land is available forever for agriculture and for the birds.”
The Trampe Ranch now has almost 6,000 acres of land protected from future development. The completion of this three phase project added 4,377 acres to prior protection projects located near the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery.
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