Crested Butte’s aspens will soon be glowing red, orange and yellow…celebrate the new season with a Paint Out!

Having artists painting en plein air throughout the Crested Butte area in July was a huge hit, for both the artists and our patrons. The sun is

still shining on Red Lady but the dropping evening temperatures are leading us into another beautiful Colorado season: Autumn. We would like to invite a select few artists back out to Crested Butte to paint the changing leaves.

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery is looking for anyone interested in earning gallery credit for their hospitality. The most aspens will be ablaze with color around September 20th, so we are looking to house around 8-10 artists September 17th through September 24th. We have two options in mind: a host that is willing to house all attending artists or multiple hosts willing to house one artist. Either option would earn $45 per night per artist in gallery credit.

This is a zero-pressure inquiry; we are merely trying to assess whether a paint out this fall would be possible! We understand this is relatively last minute, however, the whole event would be small scale and very low key. Please contact the gallery by phone at 970.349.5936  or by email at if you are interested in lending your house.  We would greatly appreciate it!

Check out the left column of this email for further information on event dates and times!

Thank you for your time. We appreciate everything you do in support of our gallery!


Shaun Horne

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery

Oh Be Joyful Gallery