Oh Be Joyful Gallery Newsletter 2-11-12

Shirley Novak Crested Butte Charm

Oh Be Joyful Gallery Newsletter 2-11-12

Oh Be Joyful Gallery – Flower Paintings by Shirley Novak



Shirley Novak, Crested Butte Charm, 18×24″, oil on panel, $3200 framed.


Shirley Novak

Flowers for your sweetheart?  Shirley Novak’s paintings beautifully capture the spirit of the holiday. We love how they exude color, joy and life!

By age four, Shirley knew she wanted to be an artist.  She remembers responding to color with overwhelming and joyful emotions. Later, she would be inspired by a teacher who encouraged her to “paint what you love and become known for what you love”.

Shirley has certainly done that! She has been painting professionally for over 20 years.  Her paintings inspire love and joy for all who know them.

Click here to see more of her fabulous florals.  Let us know if you’d like to give one of these lasting “bouquets” to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

Very best,

Ivy, Sarah, Shaun and Dawn

Shirley Novak, Abundance at Kate’s, 28×24″, oil on panel, $3800 framed.



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