Hi Everyone,
Exciting news regarding the proposed mine on Mt. Emmons, commonly known as Red Lady, in Crested Butte, Colorado. It appears that the High Country Citizens Alliance along with the town of Crested Butte and the Red Lady Coalition have been in discussions with US Energy Corp developing a deal that would never allow mining on Mt. Emmons. Please take the time to read the letter below I received from Dan Morse, Executive Director of the HCCA.
Dear HCCA Members and Supporters,
It is with hope and excitement that I write today to let you know that HCCA, working with the Town of Crested Butte and the Red Lady Coalition, has been in discussions with U.S. Energy Corp. on a deal that would ensure that no mining would ever occur on Mt. Emmons.  We are in the initial stages of developing a comprehensive agreement that would benefit the community, the environment and the interests of all parties involved while ensuring that no mining would ever occur.  After 35 years of working to protect Mt. Emmons, all of us on the Board of Directors and Staff at HCCA are thrilled and proud to bring you this news.
A permanent solution will likely involve some combination of federal, local and private interests creating an exchange of value for the mining rights as well as ensuring funding and continued operation of the water treatment plant that handles water coming from the Keystone Mine. A final deal will also need to return the private lands on Mt. Emmons to public ownership.  If a land exchange is included in the final deal, the input of local communities will be critical to a successful outcome.  We look forward to getting further into the details of the exchange in the very near future and hope to make significant progress this year.
HCCA is pleased to finally see the possibility of ending the Mt. Emmons mining controversy.  While we are very excited by that prospect, we are acutely aware that there is a great deal of work still to be done and many details to be worked out in what is likely to be a highly complex negotiation.  We intend to invest every possible resource in those negotiations in order to reach the best possible solution – one that is good for the Gunnison Valley, good for the environment and one that will allow our communities to shift our focus to other important issues.  In our view we have never been as close to a permanent solution as we are now and must make every effort to see it through.
But we still need your help!  The effort to create a permanent solution for Mt. Emmons involves significant expense and staff time.  Your contributions, large and small, make this work possible and every dollar given to support HCCA’s work on Red Lady will help us create the best possible solution.  Please consider making a contribution to HCCA today to help finish our work on Mt. Emmons.
If you have questions or thoughts on this important news please contact HCCA at saveredlady@hccaonline.org.
Thank you for your membership and support.  We look forward to permanently saving Red Lady.
All my best,
Dan Morse
Executive Director