Crested Butte was recently name the coolest place for Ski Mountaineering Racing, Skimo as it is known, by Backcountry Magazine. “About 20 years ago Crested Butte got really into light-and-fast skimo culture,” says Marshall Thomson, a bartender-turned-pro-skimo racer. “It wasn’t that known anywhere else.” Since then uphill ski racing has taken off and due to a numerous amount of extreme athletes, races and endurance marathons Crested Butte has become the epic-center for ski mountaineering racing. Largely due to the Grand Traverse, an intense 40 mile race from Crested Butte to Aspen staring at midnight. Hosting more than 200 two-person teams now the Grand Traverse has become the premier ski mountaineering race in Colorado. Click here for the full article.