More and more ski resorts are making their mountains fit for mountain biking due to increasing temperatures. “As temperatures rise, analysts predict that some ski centres, especially those at lower elevations and latitudes, will eventually vanish. A study released by the University of Waterloo just before the Sochi Winter Olympics last year highlights how difficult it will be in the future to replicate the Games in former host cities if the current climate change projections are proved true.
To offset concerns about erratic weather and snow conditions, ski resorts are increasingly looking at diversifying tourism revenues by enriching their offers with year-round operations. Mountain biking, for example.” Click here for full story.
Crested Butte Mountain Resort has spent conservable time and money over the last seven years improving the mountain biking at the resort and it has paid off with increased visitation during the summer. Crested Butte is known for the birth of the mountain bike has some of the best riding in the nation. For trail information and bike shops visit my mountain biking webpage.