Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) opens for the summer season on June 13th! When it does, it will be doing more than spinning the lifts and hosting outdoor activities. Many resort-managed culinary outlets and retail locations will begin adding 1% to visitors’ bills. While some may grumble about another fee being collected, they will be happy to know it is for a good cause. The additional 1% is to collect funds for the Crested Butte Land Trust’s ongoing stewardship efforts. Every year thousands of visitors come to enjoy summer activities at CBMR. These include hiking, biking, concerts and the Adventure Park.

This new program is called the ‘Tip for the Trust Stewardship Fund’. The program is part of a plan to redirect CBMR’s conservation efforts toward stewardship. While this program is new, it is similar to another fee being collected. Currently CBMR supports the local nonprofit 1% for Open Space. They raise funds to protect undeveloped land in the Gunnison Valley.

According to CBMR’s director of innovations and relations Erica Mueller, “In addition to conserving land and designating it as open space, we feel strongly that we need ongoing stewardship of the land that has already been protected. This means working to ensure clean water in our rivers and lakes, restoring abandoned mining areas, maintaining trails, and much more.”

The full story can be found here: CBMR Launches New Program To Aid Stewardship

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