From the recently published, Elevated Cocktails, here are 5 Colorado Cocktails From a Rocky Mountain Rum Distillery for you to try. Owner and head mixologist of Montanya Rum Distillery, Karen Hoskin recently published a cookbook of cocktails which include recipes for over 15 rocky mountain rum drinks. The five highlighted in this article are a great place for any rum lover to start. To begin, try a Rum Old Fashioned. This old school cocktail replaces the bourbon with Montanya Oro Rum. The rum marries  perfectly with the orange slice and bitters for a tasty, cherry topped treat. Next up, the Mountain Daiquiri includes both the light Mantanya Platino Rum as well as the darker Oro rum. The combo gives the classic daiquiri a unique full bodied taste. Number three on the list is the Dark Monk. The combination of fresh blackberries, Dr. Bob’s Snake Oil (recipe also included) and the dark Oro rum create a magical mixture for the berry lover. The Ruby Rose Salty Dog is what you would expect (Platino rum, ruby red grapefruit juice and simple syrup), but the additional of a fresh rosemary branch provides a refreshing herby balance to the salty, citrus concoction. Last, but certainly not least, the Rio De Janiero rounds out the list of 5 Colorado Cocktails. Oro rum is mixed with fresh pineapple juice, cream of coconut and orange juice for an island like taste that will leave you hearing sounds of waves crashing on the shore. If you are looking for sweet, salty or strong- I encourage you to try out your mixing skills with the recipes in Elevated Cocktails. You will also find beautiful photos of landscapes taken in and around Crested Butte as well as a photo of each drink. To order yours, click here. Cheers!