Check out the new Resort Report ~ 2015 Year End Report. 2015 was a great year for the Crested Butte Real Estate Market. The market experienced steady growth in 2015 when compared to 2014. Overall, the market grew by 9% and land sales were up an amazing 56%. The trend towards a more year-round town for visitors, residents and businesses is positively affecting the real estate market. Crested Butte has traditionally been strictly seasonal, but with the addition of year round residents and the increased summer activity, the “off seasons” are getting shorter each year. When comparing average price per square foot to other Colorado Resort markets, Crested Butte remains at the lower end. Averaging $283 per square foot, Crested Butte is up 8.1% from 2014. Aspen, comes in at $1,248 per square foot- with the highest average price per square foot in Colorado. This vast price difference allowa buyers to indulge in a mountain lifestyle in Crested Butte for far less than competing markets. View the full Resort Report ~ 2015 Year End Report here.