Two Crested Butte businesses were highlighted recently in the article Locals Making Waves in an Entrepreneurial Age. The majority of businesses in Crested Butte revolve around seasonal tourism, but a few entrepreneurs in the area have found a different niche. ID Sculpture and LetterFab are both full time businesses that provide services and materials for customers outside of the Crested Butte area and throughout the country.
ID Sculpture is a custom playground design company located in Gunnison. The innovative group believes conventional playgrounds have become standardized and rather than conforming, they aim to combine art with something to play on. Most of the staff are parents themselves, including Ian Glas –  a cutting edge rock climber and great personal friend of mine. At ID Sculpture, they strive to create playground equipment that inspires and engages kids all over the country.
Another local business, LetterFab, located in the Riverland industrial park, manufactures aluminum-fabricated, LED illuminated channel letters for large three dimensional business signs. Many of these signs can be seen in Denver and other Colorado cities, but they are also responsible for making signs for Madison Square Garden and the Capital One letters for the Orange Bowl. They have signs in every state as well as Canada, the Caribbean, and the Cayman Islands.