Why Bother? An excellent article from one Australian’s perspective on why it’s worth traveling to the other side of the world to experience Crested Butte. The author, Cameron Wegemund, describes how inconvenient it can be to get to Crested Butte from his home in Pottsville, Northern NSW, Australia. This week, with over two feet of snow in 48 hours, many visitors traveling to and from Crested Butte are also experiencing difficulty getting to their vacations. When traveling from Oz, the trip involves a lengthy plane ride to LAX, then another flight to Denver followed by either a third flight or a four to five hour drive. He then discusses the unfortunate physical effects that a seal level dweller might experience (headaches, altitude sickness, difficulty breathing, etc.). With all the apparent cons involved in the process of getting to the end of the road, it’s no wonder why he asks himself “why bother?”. Of course we all know WHY. The rest of the article details some of the special and unique aspects of the Last Great Colorado Ski Town. Friendly faces on the town shuttle, welcoming locals, courteous staff at restaurants and shops are just a few of the reasons why Mr. Wegemund and his family make the trip every couple of years. He also mentions the winter cyclists carrying yoga mats and the fact that many people do not lock their houses or cars as examples of what makes Crested Butte unique. The magic of Crested Butte is often difficult to describe. Have you thought about why you bother? What are the small town charms that keep you making the extra effort to get here? Visitors flood from all over the world to this small town for all kinds of reasons. I would venture to say that most of them are happy that they took the extra steps and a little more time to get here and experience something that simply cannot be found anywhere else.