To pay tribute to one particular mail carrier from the 1800s, Crested Butte will host the 42nd Annual Al Johnson Race. The late Al Johnson stood by the principle that “the mail must go through” and regularly trekked across some of the most treacherous terrain in the Gunnison Valley to see that it arrived safely. Strapped to 10 foot wooden skis and carrying upwards of 25 pounds of mail, he made frequent trips over mountain passes between Crested Butte and Crystal, CO, stopping at mining towns in between. He was known for his courage on skis and his dedication to delivering the mail. Today, his courage is celebrated as a couple hundred men and women on free heeled telemark skis climb 600 vertical feet, before descending into some of Mt. Crested Butte’s most challenging extreme terrain. Participants must cross the finish line with two skis and two poles- whether or not they are still intact or usable. Every year the “AJ” promises plenty of falls, broken equipment and some of the best costumes you will see all year! It guarantees fun at an extreme level. Registration for the 42nd Annual Al Johnson Race is now open for anyone crazy enough to partake in this hilarious and unique Crested Butte event which will take place this year on Sunday, March 20th.