This week is National Park Week and all National Parks, including the nearby Black Canyon will be offering free admission from April 16th through the 24th. When was the last time you checked out this two million year old geologic gem in Crested Butte’s backyard? The Black Canyon on the Gunnison River is just 90 miles from Crested Butte and is one of four National Parks in Colorado. It is also known for being one of the more secluded parks with the smallest crowds- offering a serene experience in one of Colorado’s most beautiful spots. During National Parks week, free presentations and videos will also be offered.  Check out the Black Canyon website for more details. Open year round, the north and south rims provide awe inspiring views of the spectacular canyon which has been slowly carved (at the rate of one human hair width per year) by the Gunnison River. Camping is available on both the north and south rim.  Hikes around the rim range from one third of a mile to seven miles. If you are really feeling adventurous you can hike 1800 feet to the bottom of the extremely steep canyon (by permit only) for the ultimate experience. Don’t forget you have to hike back up! The 1.75 mile trail to the bottom is not well maintained and is only for individuals in extremely good physical condition. No matter how you choose to experience the canyon, you will likely find a quiet spot to take in the views. Check out this video from 9 News to get a closer look.