Due to excessive use and overcrowding, Oh Be Joyful Campground May Require Fees Next Summer. Listen in, as Chad Rich from KBUT interviews the Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner with the Bureau of Land Management in the Gunnison office. She explains how the current overuse of the camping area is creating problems like a negative environmental impact on the land as well as issues with the camping experience –  like tents being pitched within feet of each other. The beautiful area known locally as “O.B.J.” is a go-to spot for great nearby camping. Unfortunately, large numbers of people seeking the solitude and peace of camping in the area are finding crowded sites, trampled plants and a lack of human waste facilities. Current facilities just can’t handle the impact of all the people that are drawn to O.B.J. Beginning in the summer of 2017, a fee structure will likely be in place. The funds are planned to be used for better restrooms, definition and improvement of campsites with enough room for a private camping experience and parking for the existing 14 camp sites. Dispersed sites can still be used this summer for free, but 2017 will likely bring a higher quality camping experience, at a small price.