Due to high scores in reading, math and college readiness, CBHS Earns Gold Medal Rating from US News and World Report last week. According to the Crested Butte News article, the Crested Butte High School ranked 12th in Colorado and 473rd nationally- a huge accomplishment! The report was compiled after reviewing 28,561 high schools across the county. The scores may be slightly misleading however, due to the inclusion of both public and private schools. For example, in Colorado the First Place school (Peak to Peak Charter School) had significantly higher college readiness scores (as expected from a charter school), but tied Crested Butte High School’s scores in Reading and Math proficiency. When looking only at public schools, Crested Butte High School ranks fifth in the state. Secondary School Principal Stephanie Niemi says ““I think it’s important to point out that the list includes charter and magnet schools, and people have to apply to get into those. We take whoever walks through our door.” Niemi continues “I think it’s incredible. If you look at that list, there are some heavy hitters. We are definitely on the map as a quality place to receive an education, and I’m thrilled. It’s very nice to get these kudos.”
Crested Butte has received bronze and gold ratings in recent years and continues to strive for improvement. You can see the full list of Colorado schools and their scores here.