Check out the Adaptable Luxury article in Peak Magazine (on page 16). This is an incredible story about some great clients of mine. In the article you’ll read about how they decided to build a home from the ground up in Crested Butte in order to accommodate some very personal obstacles. With the creative thinking of local experts, we were able to adapt to a challenging situation and build a house that is comfortable, cozy and most importantly one that they can call “home”. Find out why they chose Crested Butte as their new home after living in the same house in Kentucky for nearly three decades and see photos of the finished project. With the ultimate goal of building a home that was “symbolic of their values and the time they had spent cultivating a busy, successful life” they were also faced with two additional challenges. First, they needed a sturdy home that could withstand the stresses of having four active boys living in it and second, the fact that a progressive disease may cause physical limitations that would need to be taken into account during the planning stages. In the end, they were able to accomplish everything they set out to and ended up with a home that they should be very proud of. The home is bright, comfortable, clean and modern with mountain touches that honor the mountain style without going overboard. It’s a wonderful example of how local professionals (Realtor, Builder Don Smith, Architect Dan Murphy, and Designer Carolina Fechino‡Alling ) collaborated to provide an adaptable luxury dream home for an amazing family.