The whole state is buzzing with chatter of the fall colors. Here are five ways to enjoy the spectacular fall color change around Crested Butte.
Drive: There are countless highways, scenic byways and mountain passes across Colorado that will give you an up close and personal look at the yellows, golds and reds of the changing aspen leaves. has compiled a list of Fall Color Drives for a quick guide. Of course Kebler Pass is on the list. This scenic pass is home to the worlds largest aspen grove. Don’t forget to check the road closure schedule to avoid delays in your leaf peeping adventures. Pro – Anyone can go, no specialized gear is required.
Bike: The weather is cool, the sweet smell of aspen trees lingers in the air and Crested Butte’s world class mountain biking trails are in great condition. Check out’s Mountain Biking Guide for assistance in picking a prime trail that’s perfect for you. Pro – Get to places that cannot be reached by car, feel the wind in your face.
Ride: Check out Fantasy Ranch Outfitters and saddle up for a trail ride that you won’t forget. There are a variety of options for trails offering opportunities to ride through some of Crested Butte’s finest terrain. Sit back, relax and let your designated steed do all the work as you soak in the one of a kind Crested Butte sights. Pro – No cardio required.
Hike: Grab your hydration pack and your favorite hiking shoes and hit the trails! The 403, the 401, Rustler Gulch, the Beaver Ponds trail, Long Lake, Brush Creek and Copper Creek are just a few of Crested Butte’s hikes with unforgettable views. Within minutes from town, you can get to epic hikes that are physically challenging or choose something that’s more family friendly. You are sure to find something that takes you through the aspens or up to high scenic vistas. Pro – hiking is free and there’s a wide range of possibilities.
Chill: Not up for a huge adventure? Feel free to enjoy the incredible colors from a patio or bench almost anywhere in Crested Butte. Cozy up to a cup of you favorite coffee in the brisk mornings or grab a cocktail or a meal in one of Crested Butte’s many quirky dining establishments. There are plenty of low key options that will maximize relaxation as you take in the fall colors at your own pace. Pro – this time of year you are more likely to snag a prime chilling spot without the summer crowds.
These colors won’t last for long, so get out there soon!
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