Great news! Mine Company On Board with Remediation Regarding Red Lady. According to one of the latest reports from KBUT, the Mount Emmons Mining company will work to improve the water quality from the Mount Keystone Mine treatment plant as well as clean up the water from other contaminated sites which flow into Coal Creek, Crested Butte’s drinking water source. Ashley Bembeneck from the Coal Creek Watershed Coalition gives the plan a “thumbs up” noting that it is “excellent news for everyone in town” at her presentation for the Crested Butte Town Council.
The first step in this lengthy process is to characterize the mine waste sites. Characterization determines what type of pollution is present, so a plan for clean up can be developed, which is specific to the issues at each site. Characterization studies are expected to begin in the summer of 2017. The overall goal of removing metals such as cadmium, zinc and copper from the mine sites should reduce the mining pollution flowing into Coal Creek in the future.
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