January 2017 will be long known as Snowpacolypse. However, mother nature isn’t done yet. Epic snowfall continues in Crested Butte! What started out as a great beginning to the ski season with a foot or two of new snow has evolved into an incredible set of storms that have left Crested Butte buried under over seven feet of snow (and it keeps coming down). Most everyone is excited about the high snow totals, but the high amount of snow in a short amount of the has created some challenges. That being said, life goes on in Crested Butte (for the most part. Check out Bury the Butte 2017, a video from Crested Butte Productions to get a sneak peak into the unique challenges and exciting opportunities only found in Crested Butte this January. It also has some great footage of what town looks like under 7 feet of snow!
According to the CBS story, Crested Butte Receives 7 1/2 Feet of snow in 10 Days, this thirty year storm has put Crested Butte Mountain Resort at the top of the list for snow totals at all the Colorado Ski Areas.
Read a few reactions from long time locals in Love-hate Relationship with Snow in Crested Butte: Colorado’s Snowiest Town, published in the Denver post this week. Or get a more in depth view of what’s going on in Crested Butte regarding school closures, challenges facing local government services, transportation, avalanche concerns and some perspective on how this storm stacks up in comparison to other big snow years in Crested Butte.
Have fun and stay safe out there!
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