Crested Butte Trail Conditions & Report
Spring is here and we know everyone is itching to hit the trails. From hiking and running trails to mountain bike trails, we are starting to see the snow melt out and some of the Gunnison and Crested Butte area trails starting to open up. One of our favorite early season hiking trails, The Caves in Crested Butte South / Cement Creek, has opened for the season giving hikers a strenuous spring workout with rewarding valley views when you reach your destination.  Though most of the hiking and running trails are still closed due to muddy conditions, we are seeing a few mountain bike trails in the Gunnison area open such as Hartman Rocks and Signal Peak. With the continued warm spring weather and melting conditions, we will continue to see more trails opening in the weeks to come. For a list of current trail conditions, check out the Crested Butte Trail Conditions & Report. For a more in-depth list of mountain bike specific trails and conditions, visit The CBMBA Trails report. As the weather warms up even more and hiking trails begin to melt out, be sure to check out The Crested Butte Hiking Guide for a list of favorite hiking trails.
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