Crested Butte Is the Country’s Best Mountain Bike Destination
It’s no surprise to those who live here that Crested Butte Is the Country’s Best Mountain Bike Destination. Sure, there are lots of great places to ride such as Moab and Sedona but Crested Butte is full of people who love Mountain Biking and our trail systems show it. The miles and miles of epic mountain bike trails make Crested Butte stand out above all the other places in the country. There’s Doctor Park, a 20-mile loop which starts along Spring Creek with an easy climb and moves into a gnarly two-track climb to just under 11,000 feet. It then gets your blood racing with a five-mile descent that alternates between full on fast to technical features. Teocalli Ridge is another favorite with locals and visitors alike. This climb takes you along an old Jeep road and single track to the high alpine before you hit the seven mile decent back to the valley. The decent was rebuilt a few years back enhancing its rocky top and bermed corners that riders love. Other local favorites include the 401 and 403 trails as well as Snodgrass which make up some of the most epic loops of singletrack you’ll find anywhere. Read more here and find out why Crested Butte Is the Country’s Best Mountain Bike Destination.
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