Astronauts’ Vacation House
In April 1967, Popular Mechanics published an article on the Astronauts’ Vacation House in Crested Butte, Colorado. As we all know, all kinds of people from all walks of life like to call Crested Butte “Home”. We have Olympians, Reality TV stars, Scientists and yes, even Astronauts. Several years prior to the 1967 article, astronauts Gordon Cooper and Gus Grissom brought their families to Crested Butte, Colorado to ski and fell in love with our little ski town. They thoroughly enjoyed their trip, and their families enjoyed each other’s company so much, they decided to build a two-family vacation home together. At the time, both families lived most of the year in the Houston area near the Manned Space Flight Center.  Their unique vacation home is a duplex downstairs and a single family home upstairs. Sitting at 9,500 feet above sea level, this is the closest these astronauts would get to taking their families to the moon. Designed by architect John Shaver of Salina, Kansas, this 42 foot wide and 35 foot deep home is a one of a kind. The lower level sits above two separate basements – each with a one car garage. Check out the 1962 Popular Mechanics article on the Astronauts’ Vacation House for more information on this unique Crested Butte home and to see the property floor plans.
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