What Every Coloradan Should Know About Wildlife
The Colorado Rocky Mountains are teeming with wildlife. We actually have one of the most diverse and abundant wildlife populations in not just the United States but the entire world, just one more reason Colorado is such a great place to live and recreate. Each year we see visitors from all over the world flocking to Colorado to enjoy our great outdoor recreation opportunities. We also have people relocating to Colorado in record numbers as our economy continues to grow. With that said, it’s getting more and more difficult for Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officers to manage our wildlife and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. On a daily basis our CPW’s wildlife managers are busy enforcing fish and game laws, researching fish and wildlife and educating our communities on What Every Coloradan Should Know About Wildlife so they can safely coexist with the wild animals in their area. Check out this article and gain insight and tips from CPW managers on What Every Coloradan Should Know About Wildlife. From why you shouldn’t “rescue” wild animals to why it’s so bad to feed wild animals and how hunting is critical to wildlife conservation, this article will provide great information on how CPW is managing our state’s wildlife population and how you too can be a good steward of our wildlife.
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