Safety Tips for Deep Frying Turkey
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you’re probably planning your big feast. Nowadays, many have given up the traditional cooking method of roasting a turkey and opted for deep frying instead. Deep fried turkey has gained a lot of popularity over the years, not only because it saves a lot of time in the kitchen but many believe it to keep the meat moist and juicy. With that in mind, we’d like to share some Safety Tips for Deep Frying Turkey. When it comes to deep frying anything, you want to be sure to take every precaution to keep your home and family safe.
It’s best that you set up your frying station at least 10 feet away from any structure. Next, place your fryer on flat level ground. This is very important to your safety as you need the oil to be as even as possible and steady at all times. Be sure to use the correct amount of oil for your fryer. You can use either peanut oil or vegetable oil for deep frying your turkey, however most people seem to prefer peanut oil. You can find lots of recipes for Deep Fried Turkey online.
Another very important safety tip is to ensure that your Thanksgiving turkey is completely thawed and dry. This is very important as any excess water will cause your oil to ferociously bubble or even boil over onto the burner which can cause a very dangerous fire. It’s always a good practice to keep a fire extinguisher on hand anytime you plan on deep frying anything. Use caution when touching your fryer or lid as these can become extremely hot and can cause serious burns. Monitor the oil temperature of your fryer. Not all fryers have built in thermometers so you may need to get one of your own.
So this holiday season, if you’re breaking out the fryer, keep in mind these safety tips for deep frying turkey. Alway have a fire extinguisher on hand, be sure to keep children and pets away and never leave your fryer unattended.
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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