Record Temps With Snow In The Forecast ~
Earlier this week Denver experienced record temps with snow in the forecast. While it’s not unusual for Colorado to see a range of weather patterns in late fall and early winter, Denver shattered November heat records reaching 81° on Monday which was even warmer than Cancun Mexico that day! People got out and enjoyed the summer-like weather but it didn’t last long. Tuesday brought temperatures 40° lower with snow showers in some areas.
While this unseasonably warm weather has been great for those trying to get in some late season bike rides and hikes, not everyone is happy about the lack of snowfall, it’s been discouraging to say the least for many Colorado ski areas. The warm weather patterns we’ve been seeing has led to several ski areas delaying their opening day while others are eking by on what little or man-made snow they have and limited runs. Fret not though, we finally have some snow in the forecast with 3″-5″ expected for Sunday night in Crested Butte and another 1″-2″ on Monday. While this may not seem like a lot, it’s a good start to December after such a dry spell in the month of November.
Don’t let this heatwave and dry pattern worry you though. If one might recall, last year started off a lot like this year with a very dry November, mediocre December and then Ullr unleashed the first week of January with what would be over 7 1/2 feet of snow in just 10 days. Kind of makes you think back to the ’07-’08 storm pattern doesn’t it?
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