Brush Creek Proposal Continues to Bring Out the Public for Comment ~
It’s been the talk around town for months now and the Brush Creek proposal continues to bring out the public for comment. Recent changes to the original proposal have not eased the concerns of the public who have voiced their reservations about the project from the beginning. Those concerns remained pretty much the same at the continuation of the sketch plan which was held at a public hearing in early March.
About a 100 citizens attended the March 2nd hearing in Mt. Crested Butte to voice their concerns over location, density compatibility with nearby neighborhoods and the developer’s lack of interest in alternatives. The meeting started with the Gatesco development team presenting their changes to their previous plan to the county Planning Commission. These changes included ownership potential for 20 units and a plan to include owner financing options. The number of units planned was revised from the original plan of 240 to 220 with 140 of those set to be deed restricted. They also removed the park-and-ride parcel from the Gatesco development.
“These are interesting revisions,” commented Gunnison County commissioner Phil Chamberland. “I appreciate the ownership opportunity. I’m just soaking it all in. It is an interesting twist to the plan.”
Though a lot of the concerns remain the same, there were also new concerns brought to light such as the condition of Gatesco’s apartment complexes in Houston and the level of disrepair. Norman Eastwood traveled to Houston and visited 17 of Gatesco’s apartment complexes, bringing back and putting together a packet of photos, documenting disrepair and decay of these units. He then presented his findings to the Planning Commission members.
“Given that he says he will only make a 2 percent return on the Corner at Brush Creek project,” said Eastwood ”I can only imagine that it will very quickly fall into disrepair, as his other properties have done. The density of the project is a huge issue for me but more important is the track record of the developer. I urge you to carefully vet your potential partner, Gary Gates, as I have done.”
The hearing lasted five-and-a-half hours, ending with questions and concerns raised by the public being answered by the Gatesco team. So while the Brush Creek proposal continues to bring out the public for comment, the hearing was once again continued for April 6th at 1:00pm in the Commissioners’ room of the courthouse.
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