What Matters Most to Today’s Global Elite
What matters most to today’s global elite? Our partners at Luxury Portfolio International® are reporting that, based on global data they have compiled, real estate is viewed as a “wealth creator.” High-net-worth individuals (HNWI) see real estate as a status symbol indicating wealth and success. In fact, 38% of HNWI are considering purchasing real estate within the next three years. The trend toward buying and selling real estate has remained consistent since 2016.
While real estate might be seen as a status symbol, luxury homebuyers around the world tell us that it’s the “emotional ties” to a property that matter most to today’s global elite when it comes to purchasing a home. While “emotional ties” are a strong factor worldwide, studies show that in North America it’s the “physical space” that matters most.
Regardless of geography, for the affluent homebuyer a house becomes a home when these four main needs are met: 1.) Security and privacy 2.) The ability to grow as a person 3.) Having a personalized/customized space 4.) A place that facilitates happy memories with family and friends.
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Photo Credit: Luxury Portfolio International