We’ve been blessed with plenty of snowfall this November, making our season opening one for the books. The Crested Butte Collection team held our weekly team meeting on the Silver Queen chairlift last Thursday. Our team talked business on the way up, and hooted and hollered on the way down, all agreeing the mountain is skiing extraordinarily well for this early in the season.
In addition to our gift of snowfall from Mother Nature, Crested Butte Mountain Resort was well prepared with their pre-season snowmaking efforts. Which got us to wondering, what goes into this process and who are the people behind it?

Crested Butte’s Snowmaker: A Photo Essay
5280 | DECEMBER 2018
Meet the man who’s been turning Crested Butte Mountain Resort white for 17 years. Witness the snowmaking efforts at Crested Butte Mountain Resort with this photo essay published in 5280 magazine. Photographer Benjamin Rasmussen joins Tucker Roberts and his crew for a graveyard shift and the result are some absolutely stunning photographs. See the article

The Art and Science of Snowmaking
Tucker Roberts explains the theory and science behind Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s snowmaking efforts explaining how he weighs three factors: efficiency, weather and coordination. Read more

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