Nothing feels better than coming home to a clean house at the end of the day. What better time to start spring cleaning than the off-season? However, deep cleaning your home from top to bottom can seem very overwhelming; not to mention time consuming! We’ve found some great, super easy, spring cleaning tips to help break up the tasks and help you get your home squeaky clean in no time. Whether you break it up into small tasks and take just five minutes a day or have a whole weekend dedicated to cleaning, our daily tips will have your home ready for summer in no time. Before you get started, make sure you have all the best cleaning supplies. Check out Good Housekeeping’s Best Cleaning Supplies.

Day 10 ~ Bring Stained Cutting Boards Back To Life

Don’t throw away those dingy plastic cutting boards just yet! Those deep stains you think are permanent, probably aren’t. To get rid of tough stains, run a cut lemon over the board surface to help remove old food stains and odors. For added cleaning power and extra sparkle, sprinkle on some salt or baking soda first.

38 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For a Sparkling Home

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