Interior design can be overwhelming for some. With so many options and bold statements, choosing just the right style and color can be daunting. Not to worry; sometimes your interior design can be guided by a single color. You can easily and efficiently pull together a room with paint, furniture and accessories. It all comes down to selecting the perfect dominant color. So what color should you start with you might be asking? Did you know that certain shades of red can stimulate appetite? Or that blue hues can soothe one into a state of serenity? When it comes to pulling it all together, quality furniture in various shapes and textures is key. Interior designers share their best tips for creating these wonderful color-coded spaces which are trending on Instagram right now.

From bright white to spring green, here are some One-Color Wonders: 5 Monochromatic Living Rooms That Thrive In A Single Hue. Read more on these trending colors as well as tips from interior designers on selecting the perfect paint color, artwork, and furniture to tie it all together.

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