Katie Hubert

Corey and his team, the Crested Butte Collection, are the only ones in Gunnison Valley to consider representing you as either a buyer or a seller. They are extremely well connected in the area and often even have a buyer or a seller in mind before any transactions are made. Additionally, their team goes beyond real estate. Throughout the contract period, they had all the professionals lined up for various inspections and the transfer of title. Corey and Erin were proactive and efficient in setting up appointments for all the necessary inspections and retrieval of documentation from the town so that everything was done timely or well ahead of schedule. We never needed to pick up a phone and do any of this work ourselves which made the process very smooth and caused no interruptions in our daily life. While we are local, this would be equally appreciated by a buyer or seller who lives elsewhere. Lastly, one of the best things about working with Corey is that if any question comes up at all, he gets an answer immediately and always has a solution to any speed bumps along the way. He is respected in the community and will support you 100% whatever it takes.

Katie Hubert Crested Butte, Colorado April 8, 2019