Crested Butte Is the Country’s Best Mountain Bike Destination ~
Crested Butte real estate is on the rise and it’s no wonder since Crested Butte is the country’s best mountain bike destination as well as a favorite ski destination. Once known as just a sleepy little mining town, Crested Butte has mountain bikers flocking to it’s trails each summer. In years past when one thought of epic mountain biking, Moab or Sedona would usually be the first come to mind but Crested Butte has made it’s mark on the map with some must bike trails.
Some local favorites include the 401 and 403 trails which feature some of the best singletrack you’ll ever ride. The 401 trail starts at the top of Schofield Pass and climbs another 1.3 miles through dense forest. Near the top the trees open up giving way to spectacular views before you start your descent through the wildflowers. The 403 which starts near the top of Washington Gulch road also offers great high alpine track and stellar views. With a climb up over 11,000 feet elevation, the 403 is challenging but the views are worth it.
While the 401 and 403 are probably two of the most famous in Crested Butte, there are definitely several other notable trails. Doctor Park for example is quickly becoming a favorite with both locals and visitors alike. The 20-mile loop starts with an easygoing uphill climb along Spring Creek, moving to a two-track trail ascent to just under 11,000 feet in elevation. The top of the trail is steep and fairly technical while the bottom is sandy with tight, rocky switchbacks. In between the top and bottom you will find a wonderfully dirt packed trail that swoops and swerves through the trees and wildflowers.
With over 450 miles of single track trails maintained by the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMA) at the north end of the Gunnison Valley, it’s no wonder why Crested Butte is the country’s best mountain bike destination. Visit their website for trail conditions and report.
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