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I want to thank all of you who have made the 2011 fly fishing season a very successful season for C B MacTrout. We still have a month to enjoy the fall blues. I speak of the blue winged olives, that is. NOW is the best fly fishing in the Colorado
Rockies. The blue winged olives are the most reliable and consistent hatch of the year. The family tourists have gone basck to school. The waters are down and cool. What more do you need. Float or walk, but book today. Contact info is below or on-line @ www.cbmactrout.com.


Craig McManus
C B MacTrout, LLc.



The Fall Blues
One of the most wonderful times to fish the Colorado Rockies is now. Our tourist population is down to 25% of the numbers that were here in the summer. The families have sent thier kids back to school, leaving only those who come to gawk at the golden splendor of the fall aspens and those who come to fish the Rockies in splendid seclusion. Regardless of which splendor you come for, now is the time to be here. Here’s why: Small in the Fall A #16 is very large for the fall. If you nymph,you use a # 18 pheasant tail and a #20 Barr’s emerger. If you fish a dry, it is a #18 Blue Wing Olive or Pale Morning Dun. The hatches in the fall are consistent, reliable, and frequent: BWO’s, Pale Morning Duns and midges dominate along with a small Caddis. Easy to select a fly and easy to fish. Need more?  
The rivers are cool. A temperature check at 3:00PM this week on Brush Creek showed a temperature of 52 degrees. Most hatches happen between 52 and 58 degrees. The water is low.  The water flows are low enough to wade, but, as the ranchers turn their irrigation ditches off, high enough to provide good holding waster for even the largest trout. Did I say clear?. Yep, it is clear. Clear, cool and low. Why are you still home?
To present a dry fly to a rising trout in a secluded, pristine high mountain stream is why I fly fish. Now is the time for the most wonderful back country experience. Most of the tourists, loved as they are, have gone home and left the fly fishing to the true, dedicated fishermen (again, and fisher-women). Even the public waters are yours for the asking. The private stuff, such as our Ambush Ranch are mostly unused. Too few people?
Blue Winged Olives and Pale Morning Duns are everywhere, at all times and easy to use to fool a 16″ rainbow into rising. A parachute BWO or PMD, possibly trialing a bead head micro mayfly or Barr’s Emerger is all you need for success. There are not many times that choosing a fly is this easy.
Fly Fishing Floats
The flotilla has been put into dry dock. The lack of crowds and low, cold water make floats very good for those who want to see the parts of the Gunnison that can be fished only by boat. The lack of pressure from what used to be a dozen or so boats on each section each day is over. I have floated on September days without seeing another boat. When the leaves turn, the beauty of the river just adds to the big brown you just landed.
If an easily chosen fly presented naturally, delicately and stealthy in cool, clear water in a pristine secluded environment is your cup of tea, we are brewing a pot of it for you right now. Call, E-Mail, write or scream at the top of your lungs, and we will book the best fly fishing experience of the year for you.


Private Water
There are no superlatives too grandiose to describe our private water on Brush Creek. The Ambush Ranch is the last private water between Crested Butte and Aspen. Just next door to the gourmet restaurants, shopping and lodging of the old, historic mining town of Crested Butte, yet next to the wilderness, the Ambush Ranch can yield a fly fishing Grand Slam (4 species of trout in one day on one stream) and trophy trout. This late in the season, there are still a few days open for guided trips on the ranch. Call now to reserve your trout.



C B MacTrout, LLc.
Guided fly fishing in Gunnison, Crested Butte, Colorado, Fish Gunnison, Fish Crested Butte, Float Fish the Gunnison, Walk Wade the East River, Taylor River, Gunnison River, Brush Creek, Cochetopa Creek, Saguache Creek. Whatever fishing adventure you have in mind, C B MacTrout can provide it. Spectacular, pristine, secluded streams, creeks and rivers surrounded by majestic mountains, historic, quaint mining towns and wildlife filled wilderness. A true sportsman’s paradise only a few miles from gourmet restaurants, lodging, shops and a myriad of other outdoor activities. Show a dry fly to a high mountain Colorado Cutthroat or Brookie in a remote mountain stream, go for a 16-20″ Rainbow or Cuttbow on private water, stalk a 26″ trophy Brown, float fish the Gunnison, fish a honey hole of Kokanee Salmon or go for that elusive fly fishing “Grand Slam”. Whatever your fly fishing desires and dreams, Gunnison Country has the water to satisfy and C B MacTrout has the guides to help get you there. We can teach beginners how to enjoy a new sport, guide an intermediate angler to the next level or help point an expert to the next goal. James Taylor sang ” The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time”. Fly fishing should be part of that passage. Our goal is to see you relax and just try to catch that next fish. We’ll take care of everything else.
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