Oh Be Joyful Gallery June 2014 Newsletter

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Oh Be Joyful Gallery June 2014 Newsletter

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Don’t miss our keynote art history presentation on the unbelievable and fascinating story of Rockwell Kent.  At one time America’s most famous living artist, our most prolific artist, our greatest plein air painter, arguably our greatest painter period, and having lived certainly the most interesting public life of any American artist, Rockwell Kent was blacklisted by McCarthy and is largely unknown to the American public today.  If you don’t know this artist you owe it to yourself to hear this profound story. 

ROCKWELL KENT: The Natural World.. The Ever Present Conditioner of Man
Scott Ferris
offered in 2 towns



Tuesday July 8th
at Wilkinson
Public Library

Crested Butte

July 9th




at the Mountaineer Square Ballroom


Scott Ferris, the foremost historian and specialist on Kent will take the audience on a virtual journey with the artist as he paints out-of-doors on Long Island, New England, and Greenland, among other locales.


For Open Class Artists:
daily  excursions in the Crested Butte area now through
July 11th
see the full
schedule here
all workshop details can be seen on the website here

The 2014 Crested Butte PLEIN AIR Invitational
is almost here!
We have a great set of painting workshops as part of the Invitational

From the desk of Shaun Horne:
“Eric Merrell is great emerging California painter.  Eric has strong teaching experience, and an extraordinary knowledge of historic California painting from his time serving as the historian for the venerable California Art Club. Eric is a great listener and a careful, thoughtful person. There is palpable sense of integrity about Eric’s paintings and person. I am extremely excited to present this artist, and even more excited to be able to offer an instruction opportunity from him. I think Eric is a great American painter in the making.” 
From the desk of Shaun Horne:
“Susie Hyer is one of Colorado’s essential plein air painters.  She has a fun and informal style that is still deeply informed by a lifetime of professional painting.  She is among the most active and effective nocturne painters I know of, and has a long experience teaching workshops.  This nighttime workshop was her idea, and a great one I think.  This is sure to be a fun and novel experience, and a great chance to add a new part of the day to your plein air repertoire.”
This half-day workshop will investigate the two main areas for correcting your work. Color, temperature, and value will be the main themes as Bill takes a study and develops it into a larger work. Design and palette management will be areas of inquiry. This workshop is suitable for all levels and will be primarily an artist-lead demonstration. Register here.


July 6th, 7th, and 8th. 9 am – 4:30 pm
“Our three day Don Sahli workshop is the Invitational’s big commitment offering.  Don is a really special teacher.  On the one hand he is among the most prolific and masterful plein air painters in American history, and has decades of painting in front of him. On the other hand he is the most committed mentor I know of. Don was a child prodigy painter, and was the last apprentice of the seminal California painter Sergei Bongart.  As such he has a concept of, and commitment to, mentorship that is old school and extremely valuable to his students. While Don’s workshop is fairly intense, his vast experience as a teacher assures that any level of student can participate and have success. This is the workshop for those looking for a big step forward.”

As the foundations of plein air painting are presented step-by-step, you will learn how to simplify complex landscapes into “simple pieces” dealing with color, value, and temperature. Painting on location, taking the studio outside brings its own set of challenges. In the outdoors, things change quickly; the natural world is in constant motion. Working outdoors will train you to work with haste and to be more spontaneous in your painting!

 For your convenience, the required art supplies for the workshop can be purchased and you can sign up at www.paintersjourney.com

Space is limited – reserve your spot today!

Crested Butte – 
409 Third Street,  970-349-5936

Telluride – 333 W. Colorado Avenue,  970-728-6868