They’ve done it again! Montanya Distillers made’s list for the 25 Best Après-Ski Spots in North America! For those who aren’t exactly sure what that means… Aprés-ski is a French term for “after skiing”. Aprés-ski cocktails is a long standing tradition in the ski community!

It’s hard to say how many times Montanya Distillers has put Crested Butte on the map because of their delicious rum cocktails and cool atmosphere. Good job once again to Karen and Brice. Their hard work, dedication and love of rum has certainly paid off! Click here for the full article from and click here to visit Montanya Distillers’ website. If you haven’t had a chance to visit their tasting room, we highly suggest you do so on your next visit!

What’s your favorite aprés-ski bar or cocktail? Another favorite of ours, which sadly did not make this list, is the Dogwood Cocktail Cabin. The Princess Wine Bar is also another good choice. We’d love to hear some of your favorites! From local dive bars to fancy hotel lounges, let us know your recommendations.

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