Driving on snow really is the best way to learn to drive period. We came across a great article on Wired by Jordan Golson and his experience at the Aston Martin On in Crested Butte (click here). This article gives one man’s great insight to the benefits of learning to drive on snow and how that transfers to asphalt. For starters, snow offers much less grip than asphalt does. Things can happen in the blink of an eye on an asphalt track. Instinct is everything. That makes learning anything difficult for those new to driving on a track. On snow, one has time to think consider and react, well before things get too out of hand.

Click here to read one man’s insight on why driving in the snow is the best way to learn to drive on a race track. It would be a dream come true to attend this Aston Martin On Ice event here in Crested Butte sometime in the future! Or, even more importantly, be able to afford it!

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*photo credit Aston Martin