Crested Butte, birthplace of the mountain bike, has made the Denver Post’s Travel section for two of the five best mountain biking trails reviewed. Mountain biking in Crested Butte is off to a late start this season due to an incredible amount of precipitation. More snow and rain has fallen in the area since 1995 which is going to make for spectacular mountain biking with the emergence of the wildflowers in the weeks to come. Click here to read the Denver Post article which highlights, of course, the 401 trail which is probably out most famous mountain biking trail. Impressive though is that they also mention Doctor’s Park which is one of my personal favorites and has some of the best single track you will ever wish for. Monarch Crest is another trail not far from here that has some of the best views and down hill I have ever biked. Definitely check it out on the way here as it starts at the Monarch Pass summit on your way to Crested Butte. What ever your skill level we have exactly what you are looking for when it comes to hitting the mountain nike trails then after we have plenty of chill establishments in one of the coolest mountain towns to quench your thirst.