There are still plenty of fall colors to see in the Crested Butte Area! This list of 5 Must-See Places for Crested Butte Fall Color is a good start for any leaf looker. The list was compiled by local photographer, Dusty Emerson and judging by his photos, he knows all the sweet spots. Of course, Kebler Pass (home of the world’s largest aspen grove) is on the list in addition to other nearby areas. Many of them require little to no travel from the heart of town and my personal favorite, The Castles, can be seen clearly from Ohio Pass. The peak has passed in some areas, but you may still be able to catch a glimpse of that bright yellow hue alongside the golds and deep oranges this weekend. The amazing Crested Butte Fall Color won’t stay much longer, so make plans to see them soon. Grab your camera and hit the road, or enjoy the view from your favorite Crested Butte balcony, but don’t miss this spectacular sight.  
If you want to stay closer to home, Gothic Road has some great views right now and the Slate River Valley is full of color as well. You should be able to get a glimpse of the fall color transition from almost anywhere north of Gunnison.