Dog’s are often as big of a part of mountain culture as skiing. Check out Crested Butte’s Top 10 Dogs to learn more about some local four legged favorites. These mountain canines are serious about getting outside and enjoying all that the area has to offer. You’ll see them in town, or by their owner’s side doing everything from hiking the valley’s top peaks to backcountry skiing. They can be found on their favorite trails chasing bikes (or squirrels), crushing pow and enjoying the outdoors alongside their favorite humans. Just like their masters they also enjoy a good patio and some down time taking in the local culture or enjoying a good belly rub. You will often find a crowd of mutts hanging out at Camp 4 Coffee or the Brick Oven Pizzaria. From Pugs to Pits, a variety of pooches call Crested Butte home. As long as they follow posted rules, keep their owners leashed and make sure they are cleaned up after, local dogs lead a pretty good life. With seemingly endless trails, backcountry skiing, fresh air and clean water, these dogs (and their people) may be some of the happiest around.
Gunnison Valley’s Top Dog for 2015 is also mentioned in the list. The 1/2 Lab, 1/4 Hound, 1/4 Rhodesian Ridgeback “Sophie” loves frolicking through the wildflowers.