Snow and freezing temperatures are here! Avoid costly repairs to your home and Prepare for Weather Challenges before it’s too late. Typically snow is welcomed… even prayed for in a ski town such as Crested Butte, but the same white stuff that brings us joy can be detrimental to our homes. Home owners in cold climates need to be extra diligent about winterizing in order to safeguard against costly damage to their homes. This year El Nino is expected to bring on heaps of snow and possibly colder than normal temperatures.  That’s excellent news for the skiers, but not such great news for your house if you are not prepared, so arm yourself with the knowledge to protect your home now. This article touches on ten common issues found in winter climates.  From common problems like icy driveways and heat loss to more severe issues like a collapsed roof or animals in your chimney, there are plenty of tips for preventing damaging and possibly dangerous situations this winter. No one can predict every emergency, but with this list of ways to prepare for weather challenges ahead of time, hopefully your winter days are full of happiness rather than repairs.  May your pipes stay warm and your roof intact.