Presented by SkiSync, this list of 10 Facts About Crested Butte All Skiers Should Know is a compilation of interesting facts about the best ski town in Colorado. Crested Butte may have been Colorado’s best kept secret at one time, but recently, it seems to be fairly well known… and for good reasons! To start, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, recently expanded its terrain. Last year, they opened up 40 additional acres of expert level terrain called Teo 2. The newly opened terrain is just a small piece of Crested Butte’s gnarly (but still lift accessible) terrain.  Nearly 3/4 of the resort is classified as intermediate or advanced level runs – including 448 acres of double black diamond terrain. If that’s not enough acreage for you to shred, the resort is surrounded by over two million acres of National Forrest, many of which are prime for back country skiing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities.
Beyond the skiing, the town of Crested Butte and its residents are some of the coolest around. A little bit of wild west attitude mixed with some serious love and respect for the outdoors gives Crested Butte a unique vibe that allows this funky town to stand out against the giant corporate ski towns. One example of this is the strong support for local business and the commitment to keep the town free of chain restaurants and big box stores. Check out the rest of the facts (even if you don’t ski) and if you haven’t already – visit Crested Butte and see what all the hype is about!