If you haven’t already been working on getting in prime ski condition- it’s time to start with these 6 Ways to Prep for Ski Season. The lifts at Crested Butte Mountain Resort have already been running for a week, but many of us have been focusing on that leftover pumpkin pie instead of getting our daily squats in. Don’t fret- it is not too late to get on track and anything you do now to prepare will only make that first powder day even more epic.
First things first – check your equipment. For your safety, make sure your gear is in good condition and repair or replace anything that is worn out or broken. Next, of course, you’ll want to strengthen the key muscle groups (core, glutes, quads…etc.) as well as the smaller, stabalization muscles. There are lots of online workouts specifically geared towards skiing/snowboarding, but any good leg and core routines will help. You can also add a twist to your regular squat/lunge routine by using a bosu ball. This will simultaneously challenge the large and small muscle groups including your core. Yoga is another fantastic way to prep for winter sports or to keep you in good health year round. Physically preparing is an obvious step for a better season, but mental prep goes a long way too. Get amped on some ski flicks, or quietly reflect on the natural beauty of the West Elks to get you back in the shredding state of mind. Here’s to your best ski season yet!