You have got to check out Jeremy Armstrong and his photography genius. This local photographer and avid snowmobiler has captured some breathtaking scenes from the Crested Butte area as well as unique scenes from his recent trip to Iceland. The photos are simply amazing. Jeremy’s photos capture the essence of our magical mountains, streams, lakes and landmarks during each of the distinct seasons. You may have seen them displayed on the walls in Teocalli Tamale, if he can replace them as fast as they are purchased!

At age 37, Jeremy Armstrong has been a resident of Crested Butte for nine years. He told me that he has always been interested in photography, but didn’t really pursue it until he got in a bad accident. The accident left him with shattered bones in both of his feet, and lots of doubt about whether or not he would be able to return to the physical outdoor sports he loves. He took the time off as an opportunity to dive into photography and I’m glad he did. You may recognize some of his work from my website.
Jeremy recently returned from a trip to Iceland. His numerous photos capture sunsets, castles, rocky beaches, icy canyons and some unique shots of the Northern Lights. He says the Arctic and Scandinavia countries intrigue him and he plans to go back to Iceland in March. Jeremy also has a trip to Norway scheduled in the fall. Keep an eye out for his Iceland photo exhibit coming out this summer.

Please check out Jeremy Armstrong’s photo gallery. If you are interested in ordering, Jeremy recommends that you talk with him first about the best sizing and printing options for your particular image.