Some how Crested Butte remains one of Colorado’s best kept secrets. In the article 12 Enchanting Spots In Colorado You Never Knew Existed Crested Butte and eleven other not-so-secret spots are listed for your viewing pleasure. Considering there is a National Park, a State Park and a National Monument and one very famous music venue on the list, I’d be willing to bet you’ve heard of at least some of them, but maybe you’ll learn something new? Twelve awe-inspiring locations are listed, complete with photos. The Great Sand Dunes, Blue Lakes, Hanging Lake and the Paint Mines are just a few of the most unique places to see in the Centennial State. Even the Eastern plains made the list! You might not always think of Eastern Colorado as one of the most beautiful places in the state, but consider the sunsets, night skies and wide open spaces and you can see the beauty. The towns of Durango, Grand Lake and of course – Crested Butte made the list as they all have special characteristics that set them apart from any other American town. Each of these places has something special to offer and they are definitely worth seeing for yourself.