The second piece in a four part series, Passion Within: George Sibley is a spotlight on one man’s experience in the Upper Gunnison Valley. Mr. Sibley has a unique experience, but his story is one that seems  to be a common thread in our community. Like many of us, he came for a season, got a job, fell in love with the landscape and the community and never left. The beauty of the area, the activities and the way people work together for a common good create a canvas for our lives to play out on in Crested Butte. He has been a resident of the area for fifty years and has witnessed the transition from mining town to ski resort. According to Mr. Sibley “Today, it is not that different than when (he) came in the sixties”. He became a writer and purchased the Crested Butte Chronicle- documenting news and events of the town in transition. George describes himself as a “secretary for the valley- taking notes, turning it into letters from the mountains and the valleys”. He is an integral part of the community and describes his relationship with Crested Butte as “an addiction”. Even after all this time, he continues to learn, explore and be challenged in new ways. His love for the Upper Gunnison Valley and commitment to the community are truly inspiring.
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