This week, construction will begin on the $4.1 Million Storage Shed. Crested Butte is well known for it’s diverse terrain- much of which is covered by perfectly formed moguls. But where are these knee busting bumps stored in the summer? The frequently asked question is finally answered with the construction of a six thousand square foot, two story, aluminum shed which will find its home in the clearing just below the Ice Bar. The project has been dubbed The Bump Bay. With the lifts closing in less this weekend, quick construction is a must in order to protect the light sensitive mogul forms from being destroyed by the spring and summer sun exposure- which quickly breaks down the stiff polymer forms. Seasonal employees specializing in mogul handling will travel to Crested Butte this week to begin the task of “summerizing” the ski bumps. Teams of highly trained staff will orchestrate bringing the moguls down off of the mountain, inspecting them for any damage and carefully stacking them in the massive shed. Next, the crews will travel to other areas of Colorado to remove moguls from Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Keystone and the other major resorts, as Closing Days fill the April calendar.
The Bump Bay is expected to be fully erected by April 14th and all of the moguls are scheduled to be stored by the end of the month. The storage shed will protect the moguls until October, when the teams will return to the area for mogul placement before the large fall snow storms roll in. Happy April Fools Day!