This list of reasons Why This One Little Town is Colorado’s Best Kept Secret is a great collection of photos, showing off some of Crested Butte’s best angles. Of course, the mountain view is at the top of the list. The rugged peak with cliffs on one side and steep rocky path that transforms into a world class ski resort is the most prominent feature of the Crested Butte skyline. The iconic mountain is at the center of Crested Butte’s ski culture and image. However, Crested Butte has a lot more to offer than the views of the peak alone. The town is as charming as it is colorful. The rich mining history has an obvious influence on the architecture and the brightly colored buildings are an integral part of daily life in the small town. As the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, the spring and summer provide an abundance of photo opportunities and wildflower experiences. Fields and meadows are carpeted with vibrant color, town gardens host a variety of plants and hikes or mountain bike rides can take you deep into the backcountry where you can find an endless variety of native blooms. The warmer seasons are perfect for climbing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and a world of other outdoor activities. The winter offers a different version of the same playground hosting skiers, snowshoers, cross country skiers and snowmobilers. The seasons in Crested Butte are distinct and vastly different from  each other – providing unlimited opportunities to experience the outdoors.