Finders keepers losers weepers…right? Maybe not in Crested Butte. If you lose an item here, it may very well end up on KBUT’s Lost and Found radio segment. 9 News recently aired this video, sharing a little piece of Crested Butte with the rest of Colorado. The wonderful volunteer radio DJs that play our favorite jams on our favorite radio station also entertain us with the daily Lost and Found segment. For over 30 years, KBUT has been reuniting members of the community with a variety of lost (and eventually found) goods. Typically the lost and found items are what you would expect, but occasionally they are far more comical than your average cry for help in locating missing sunglasses. Dentures, a turtle, birth control pills, even a pyrex container of salad have all shown up on the KBUT service. The goal is simple- to reunite any lost item with its owner, via the Crested Butte air waves. Many blame the Barmuda Triangle – a three sided area created between the most popular watering holes in town (Kochevar’s, Talk of the Town and The Eldo), but no matter where you lose something, or what you lose, KBUT will do their best to help you out. All you need to do is fill out a short form on their website. This is just another example of what a one-of-a-kind community Crested Butte is. KBUT’s Lost and Found is both helpful and hilarious.
Jonathan Gonzales of 9 News makes a great point. He closes the segment by pointing out that “It’s KBUT’s way of helping Crested Butte deal with what’s lost, so that the community can focus on what it finds here every day.”