This list of 12 Small and Friendly Towns in Colorado reminds us that the good old fashioned friendliness we experience here daily should not be taken for granted. Crested Butte is often noted in “top ten” type lists for its epic skiing, mountain biking, and beautiful surroundings, but the good people of this hidden Colorado community have earned their spot on this list. Crested Butte and the other eleven Colorado towns have a year round population of less than 2,500 people. While there are a few other mountain towns on the list, the one dozen small towns are strewn about the entire state. From Ouray’s Swiss like beauty to Cheyenne Wells’ Annual rodeo and museums in Limon, each of these towns has something unique to offer. What they have in common is a tight knit community. Small town communities are known for being a place where people help each other out, say hello as you walk down the street and celebrate life together. Each of these towns has a “where everybody knows your name” feel and they openly welcome visitors from round the world.  So take a quick road trip and visit a few of them. Check out a parade, a festival, a rodeo or just visit and enjoy a low key lifestyle that can be found in these twelve towns. Who knows… maybe you will find yourself staying for longer than you had planned.